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Baby, Baby, Baby

We are diligently still working our way through the waiting list for many species. Several litters are going to be ready in the next few weeks. If you have not received an email from us to schedule pick up, please check in and email us at so we can see where you on the list. We have had a good amount of people who have not replied to set up scheduling. *Reminder, you have 24 hours to answer, scheduled pickup must be within 7 days of being notified that your animal is ready. (See terms of service)

We hope this will help expedite the process for everyone.


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I have gone through my junk list along with my inbox but I don’t see any email. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t over look it. I’m thinking I wasn’t on this seasons list, but wanted to check in. I’m sure y’all have big waiting lists.

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Waiting on a baby black squirrel 🥰

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could you send me photos of my pet's parents,,,,, I had it with me two weeks ago and see the difference, it has grown a lot,,,,, they would like some photos of its parents to have it in their family tree and know where it came from To us,,,,, I thank you very much, very kind,,,, I am Colonel David Chavez Zermeño from Mexico,,,, greetings

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Timothy, shoot an email to the email address listed. We are trying to get all scheduling and pickup questions in one place to help us not miss anyone.

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Timothy Wolf
Timothy Wolf
24 jun 2022

I am still trying to contact you to work out the shipping and a few other details, I know you are quite busy and a bit hard to get ahold of via phone but I would love to make sure I have everything ready ahead of time.

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