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Fall and 2020 Update!

Fall and 2020 Update!

Available now and waiting list info! Slots on the 2020 waiting list are starting to fill. Be sure to check with your state's fish and wildlife department if permitting is needed. We can answer any questions you may have about TN ownership. Some animals are limited numbers and spoken for quickly. Our animals are bottle raised, socialized early on and are sought after by many ambassador programs. Deposits to be placed on the waiting list are half the listed price and are taken first come first serve

Bobcats $2500 Adult female Available Now!

Canadian Lynx $4000

Eurasian Lynx $5000

Carpathian Lynx $6000

Sand cat $4000, 1.5 year old male $3000 Available Now!

Serval $4500-$5500

Mainecoon $1200 Available Now!

Ring tail Lemur $2000

Rhea grey $200, white $250 Available Now!

Red species Foxes $350

Grey species Foxes $800

Arctic Foxes Blue & Polar $400

Arxtic Shadow Fox $600

Raccoons grey $400, colors $750

Squirrels grey $350, black $500

Virginia Opossums $300 Available Now!

Groundhogs $600

Wolf dogs DNA high content 95%+ $3000

75% $2500

Coyotes $500

American Porcupines $1500

MountIn Coatimundi $859-950

White nose Coatimundi $800

Javelina $800

Capaybara males $1200, females $1800

Pine Martens $3500

American Badgers $4500

African Crested Porcupines $600-$800

Scottiah highland bull calves $1000

Highland heifer calves $1200 Available Now! Highland Bred Cows $1500 Available Now!

Various hoofstock, camels, bison, water buffalo, yak, warthogs


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