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Red Species Fox Kits and More!!

Red Species Fox babies are ready and a few more litters will be ready soon.

Please email us at to schedule your pickup. Include the species and your order number/name on order in the subject line please. This email is being monitored by multiple Frazier Farms staff members to expedite scheduling.

If you have not placed an order and wish to get info, please email us at

Or text 423-237-5885

For wolfhybrid info call 423-237-5775

In addition, first raccoon, squirrel, va opossum, and upper mid content wolfhybrid litters are in the nursery.

Coming in to the nursery soon:


High content wolfhybrids

Upper mid content wolf hybrids

Plus more!

We know you are excited to meet our parents and adults and several of them will be attending the Espresso Exotic Animal Expo June 10-11, 2023. There will be tons of supplies, animals, food trucks and more fun than you can really fit into one weekend.

Thank you for choosing Frazier Farms Exotics.


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