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FFE Raccoon Facts and Update

We are all getting anxious for babies, let’s get this show on the road already ladies!!!!!

Adult raccoons breed between January and June, depending on environment and environmental conditions. If the female does not become pregnant during the first estrus or lose their litter shortly after giving birth, she can come into estrus again four months later. This is where the late babies come in. Most babies are born in April and May; the gestation period is about 63 days. Litters are anywhere from one to seven; four is the usual size. Mothers are fiercely protective of their young often moving them from nest to nest. It is not completely uncommon for a mother to even eat their young in these protective attempts.

It is difficult for us to give exact dates for raccoon babies (kits) to be ready for their new homes as there are many factors that contribute to when yours is available. Size of litter, will they thrive once weaned from mom/possibility of aspiration when learning to eat, vaccination reactions, etc. we can only give our best attempt with typical timelines and generalizations until we are actually actively working through baby season. After many years, once we think we have it figured out, nature will throw a curveball just to keep us humble and life interesting, lol. Here’s to baby season 2023, May the odds ever be in our favor.

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