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Exotic Animals For Sale at Frazier Farms Exotics


Deposits/Payments made are non-refundable and non-transferable unless Frazier Farms is unable to supply a healthy animal prior to pickup. Please research care, diet, housing needs, legalities, and requirements prior to placing a deposit and committing to purchase. The addition of an animal should not be a decision taken lightly. Orders are fulfilled in the order they are received. Color and sex preference may be noted but are not guaranteed and are not cause for refund. You may discuss tabling an order to the next litter but is solely granted at the discretion of Frazier Farms.  

You have 24 hours to reply to the notification in order to schedule. Pickup must take place within 7 days of being notified animal is ready. Failure to pickup within this timeframe will result in a forfeiture of any payments made unless express arrangements have been made and agreed upon in writing by Seller and are subject to boarding fees. Due to the varied care outside of our control, there can be no guarantees on animals.  Stress, change in diet, etc. are all factors in the ongoing health of the animal.  Buyer assumes any and all responsibility at pickup.   Buyer certifies it is their sole responsibility to know and obey their state, county, city, or subdivision laws, rules, or ordinances. No refund will be given due to buyer neglect to properly research such statutes. Proof of legality from your state may be required prior to pickup. Frazier Farms will accept returned animals and will assume no financial obligation for pickup or delivery of said animal to Frazier Farms.  If required space is not available, Frazier Farms will assist in finding a suitable home/placement for the animal. Buyer fully understands no refunds are given when an animal is returned.  No animal shall be placed in a shelter, rescue, or sanctuary as this puts undue financial burdens on such and could lead to the euthanization of said animal. Buyer understands that special permitting is required to sell these animals and shall not attempt to do so unlawfully. Frazier Farms reserves the right to deem an animal "not an appropriate fit",  if an order has been placed a refund may be granted or a discussion of a more appropriate animal. Should a situation arise for a refund, every effort will be made to have that completed within 30 days. Due to the unpredictibility of litters it may be necessary to move to the next viable litter. This will be discussed if the need should arise.   Buyer further agrees to hold Frazier Farms Exotics and its entities harmless, agreeing that no negative, derogatory, or defaming remarks shall be spoken, written or implied resulting from the purchase of this or any other animal. Frazier Farm holds rights to legal recourse for breach in any of these terms, credit card disputes, failure to provide adequate veterinary care, etc and shall be filed in Cocke County TN court with buyer responsible for attorney, court, and any other fees incurred.







We are USDA licensed and can ship into any legal state.  Shipping via airlines is $400 and includes the Delta flight, crate, and required state veterinary health certificate.  Animal and shipping cost must be paid in full at least two weeks prior to allow time to make flight arrangements, purchase crate, and arrange vet appointment. There are often temperature restrictions beyond our control.  No refund for a purchased animal is given because airlines are unable to fly an animal due to any restrictions, it is buyer's responsibility to pickup or make alternate transport arrangements. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of any monies paid. Pickup is available at the farm by appointment.  If a health certificate/permit or any paperwork is necessary for you to be able to enter your state with the animal, this must be noted in advance and will be at buyer’s expense.  If you wish to use a ground shipper, we often have transporters we have worked with previously and can refer you.  All agreements are between buyer and shipper, Frazier Farms will assist as much as possible but is not responsible for these arrangements.  

No animal will leave without being paid in full.

Placement of an order denotes full acceptance of all terms which shall be legally binding and contractually obligated. 

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