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Important Information for those wishing to add a Frazier Farms baby to their facility or approved home this season. Spaces are filling up rather quickly . . .

We have already begun to put our pairs together for breeding season. We will breed based on the number of orders received which will be limited. We are accepting orders now for our hand raised babies that will be due. Pick is based on where you are on the waiting list. You may request a specific sex/color and we will try to accommodate. The higher up on the list, the more choices you will have. Babies are ready based on what species they are and the recommended timeline of our vet. Other factors include how many are in a litter and how many people are on the waiting list as we contact based on when the order was received and move down the list chronologically. We will notify you that it is getting close with a ‘get ready’ message that includes essential product and care information as well as how to schedule pickups.

First you will need to contact your state’s fish and wildlife department to see if they are legal where you are and if any permitting is needed. You will need to secure a vet that will see it as well. If you are in TN we can assist with permitting.

You can order through the website which accepts credit and debit. You will find two listings per animal, one is the deposit listing and the other is full price.

We can send an invoice to your email and you can pay through that.

Deposits are half with the remaining balance due by pickup. If you choose to pay in full, we do offer a 2% discount.

We also accept the following:

Cash App




Zelle - no fee either side


Apple Pay


Deposit or payment in full constitutes a contract to purchase and agreement with the terms of service as outlined We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing Frazier Farms.


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